Spring 2017 Courses


AHUM UN 1399(01)

Colloquium on Major Texts: South Asia & the Middle East 4 Rachel McDermott M 2:10-4:00pm
AHUM UN 1399(02) Colloquium on Major Texts: the Middle East & India 4 Hossein Kamaly TH 2:10-4:00pm
RELI UN 3411(01) Tantra in South Asia, East Asia, & the West 3 Rachel McDermott M,W 10:10-11:25am
ASST BC 3610(01) Persian Literature through English Translation 3 Hossein Kamaly M,W 11:40-12:55pm
EAAS UN 3844(01) Culture, Mental Illness, & Healing in East Asia 3 Nicholas Bartlett T,TH 10:10-11:25am
ASST BC 3999(01) Independent Study 3-4 Nicholas Bartless TBD
ASST BC 3999(02) Independent Study 3-4 Hossein Kamaly TBD
ASST BC 3999(03) Independent Study 3-4 Rachel McDermott TBD
ASST BC 3999(04) Independent Study 3-4 Guo Jue TBD
EAAS GU 4202(01) The Dead in Ancient China 4 Guo Jue M 10:10-12:00pm
HIST GU 4704(01) Sunnis, Shias, & Others in Islam 4 Hossein Kamaly T 2:10-4:00pm
EAAS GU 4840(01) China and the Politics of Desire 4 Nicholas Bartlett M 2:10-4:00pm
CHNS GR 5013(01) Selected Readings in Early Chinese Texts 3 Guo Jue M 4:10-6:00pm